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The Miami Design District Unveils Its Next Iconic Building
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The Miami Design District Unveils Its Next Iconic Building

March 8, 2022

 / Christina Petridou

‘the ursa’ is the new iconic building set to unveil in the heart of the miami design district. located in the renowed  luxury neighborhood, the project will rise fifteen stories to house 180,000 sqft (16,723 sqm) of offices and a retail space with a museum-quality exterior on the ground floor. the ursa — designed by arquitectonica, with interior art and furniture by daniel arsham — will stand out with its distinctive look and world-class amenities and conveniences for the modern workplace, offering miami a new working experience.

‘we are thrilled to be bringing the ursa to the miami design district. integrating state-of-the-art workspaces into the neighborhood has always been a part of our plan. people want to work in centers of creativity, culture, and commerce; and the district really provides the type of environment where innovation can take flight,’ said craig robins, chief executive officer and president of dacra. ‘beyond providing office space in the neighborhood, the ursa as a structure itself adds to the beauty of the miami design district. arquitectonica has created an iconic, elegant, and functional building that highlights both art and natural beauty. we couldn’t be happier with the design and know that businesses will find a special place to call home within the ursa.’

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